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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Member Feature: Shane Bingham, Director of Operations and Trip Leader at Detours Travel

Meet Shane, the Director of Operations and Trip Leader at Detours Travel.

Shane was born and raised in Australia, where he travelled a lot with his family, having relocated a remarkable 19 times during his youth. As a kid, he viewed travelling and each move as an ongoing adventure. Each move fueled his adventurous spirit, fostering a comfort with change and connecting with strangers.

At the age of 19, his passion for travelling blossomed as he made the move to the UK, followed by the US. One of his most memorable jobs in tourism and hospitality began as a guide in a camp in Arizona. There, he led teenagers on an adventure trip for 2-3 weeks, featuring activities like backpacking, rafting in Utah, and surfing in California.

After extensive travelling, Shane knew he wanted to settle in Vancouver. During the process of obtaining permanent residency, he reminisced about his fulfilling job in Arizona and felt drawn back to the tourism and hospitality industry.

Now, Shane is the Director of Operations for Detours Travel, and his passion for creating a nurturing environment for the LGBTQ+ community to explore the world knows no bounds. Through his dedication and hard work, he has cultivated a supportive community where members feel embraced, celebrated, and empowered. Shane takes pride in his role, knowing that every trip organized by Detours Travel is not just about destinations but about creating meaningful connections and experiences for all who participate.

Among Shane’s cherished trips to lead is to Thailand, this trip marked the beginning of his tenure hosting international tours at Detours more than a decade ago. Remarkably, he has guided this trip an impressive 20 times. Additionally, Greece is one of his favourite destinations to host, thanks to its rejuvenating islands, which he finds incredibly invigorating.

When Shane has spare time, he enjoys skiing, cycling, and living an active lifestyle. As an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Hiking Guide, he finds solace and inspiration in the majestic views of the mountains. 

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