Private Office

Optimal Privacy. For companies looking to establish their team of 2 to 6 in a comfortable, secure space. Well-appointed workstations, ergonomic seating, and elegant design elements complete the office.

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Dedicated Desk

The Essential Workspace. For the individual who prefers to work in a private office without worrying about finding a space to call their own.

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Hot Desk

Flexible for you. Work spaces for professionals that are looking for flexibility, but need access to meeting spaces, amenities, and a client-ready environment.

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Flexible Subscriptions

Catered Formulas. Whether you need a private office for rotating team members, a workspace several times a month, or anything in between, Pavilion has a solution for you.

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Virtual Office

The Nomadic Office. For those who do not need a full-time office but requires access to meeting space as-needed and a professional business address.

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