The Pavilion Residency

The Pavilion Residency was created in collaboration with Momentum Venture Partners to provide the necessary infrastructure and resources businesses require to realize continuous improvement and growth. In addition to offering the dynamic space that progressive teams need to operate, the residency connects its members with an essential ecosystem of industry peers to help ventures develop, refine, and thrive.

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The Program

Why the Pavilion Residency?

The Pavilion Residency is designed for local founders dedicated to achieving excellence and pushing their ventures further. Throughout the program, teams will refine business goals, hone crucial leadership skills, and build capacity in strategy, capital & finance, sales & marketing, and communication & networking.

Space for Your Team

Winning applicants will receive two months of free rent followed by four months of discounted rates for one of Pavilion’s 4-person private offices.

Community & Network

The Pavilion Residency is an avenue to join, connect, and collaborate with a community of Vancouver’s most discerning entrepreneurs, leaders, advisors, and investors.

Mentorship & Resources

The program offers resources, support, and infrastructure in the form of mentorship and VC opportunities to help growing businesses thrive.

Programming & Events

Participants have access to all of Pavilion’s networking socials, lunch & learns, pitch & investment events, and more.

Fable Home

“Being here at Pavilion, we were able to connect with a restaurant consultant, a chef, and lawyers… there’s a wide range of skilled people that work here.”Joe Parenteau, CEO

HaulR Logistics

“The whole process was effortless … you essentially pull back the door to your office and everything’s set. An hour later, every single person on the team was there working and being productive.”Tom Chute, Founder

Nano-Lit Technologies

“The office of the future is a place where people feel enlightened, feel like they can perform at a higher level, and are surrounded by the tools, aesthetics, and the visual and physical experiences that allow them increased performance ... that was something I felt immediately walking into Pavilion.”Sarah Morgan, CEO

OCIN & The Collective Index

“Being able to have one central place where [the team] can come together and lean on each other … and [being] surrounded by people who are hardworking puts you in the same kind of mindset.”Courtney Chew, Founder

Answer Intelligence

“We see the Answer Team being more productive as a result of being at the Pavilion space…and that’s all you can ever hope for from a work environment.”James Basnett, General Manager

Eligibility &

Innovation & Originality

How innovative and disruptive is your business concept? What makes your business stand out in your respective industry? How are you solving a business problem?

Excellence & Integrity

How does your business strive for excellence? How do you measure the success of your company? What does integrity mean in the context of your business?


How quickly has your business grown since its inception, and what does your projected growth rate look like for this new year?

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