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We recognize the inherent interconnectedness between our environment and our successes – that what and who surrounding us profoundly impact our endeavours. Because of this, we’ve curated a space with careful consideration to each touchpoint, so you can focus on the things that matter.

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Lounge, Pavilion 22 E5


Pavilion’s interiors reflect a sophisticated approach to office design. Through deliberate selection of tones, textures, forms, and acoustics, our intention is to redefine your work experience through an authentic dialogue between materiality and space.

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Reception, Pavilion 22 E5


It is inspiring, when those whom you surround yourself with care deeply about your success. At Pavilion, a seamless, exceptional member and guest experience begins with attention to detail that extends to every moment in our spaces. Our commitment to hospitality means that from the moment a member or guest enters our doors until they depart, every interaction is intentionally curated to ensure comfort, efficiency, and a memorable experience. Drawing inspiration from the hospitality industry, we take pride in creating an inclusive environment conducive to productivity, collaboration, and belonging.

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Lounge, Pavilion 22 E5


Beyond a simple assemblage of individual pursuits, Pavilion is a space that presents unexpected encounters of the city’s leading professionals and creative minds. We hope you find home in this place of new relationships and ideas.

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