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Monday, April 15, 2024

Member Feature: Morgan Maguire, CEO of LexSelect

Meet Morgan, CEO at LexSelect, a tech product that helps automate document review for legal trials. He began his career at a local law firm, eventually transitioning to the tech sector and joining the team at Tologix, a company which develops a legal research tool focused on international arbitration. Morgan’s time at Tologix allowed him to grow in the legal tech industry and he operated as the CEO for ten years during his tenure at the company.

Post-Tologix, Morgan transitioned into a senior consulting role, where he encountered future LexSelect co-founders Scott Foster and Jack Newton. United by a shared enthusiasm for embracing new challenges, they aspire to streamline legal processes with LexSelect—an upcoming tech product automating document review for trials. Driven by a commitment to enhancing client experiences through innovative legal tech solutions, Morgan eagerly looks forward to replicating sales successes at LexSelect.

Q: Why did you join Pavilion Cowork?

A: I opted against having a personal office because the idea of being isolated didn’t sit well with me. I wanted a workspace that felt connected to a community. I’m a firm believer in the coworking space model, especially for a company like ours, where we can adapt and grow as needed.

Being the CEO, I believe in leading by example. If the staff needs to take care of tasks like trash removal, I’m more than willing to step in. Having cleaning services included in the membership is a major benefit to our company at this size and stage.

During our search for the right workspace, we explored a variety of local coworking spaces. However, Pavilion stood out due to its beautifully designed space, exuding a calming atmosphere through its architectural design. Pavilion, with its mature and sophisticated setting and excellent amenities like a bike room, perfectly aligned with my preferences, especially since I enjoy biking to the office.

Q: How has your work life changed since coming to Pavilion?

A: When working remotely, the constant distractions at home—especially with two small children—can make it tough to maintain focus and feel truly connected in my professional life. I place a high value on the separation between my work and personal life, and I’ve successfully achieved that balance. 

There is a sense of isolation when you sublease/lease your own office. A coworking space ensures you stay connected to a community. Joining a coworking space also fits our company’s current size and stage best, as it lets us grow into the space as necessary. 

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