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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Member Feature: Alex Ikhno, Founder of IT Shark

Meet Max Ashmore, an Area Sales Manager at Leki Aviation

Max was raised in a quaint town in West Sussex, United Kingdom, where he resided in a close-knit community. He pursued his education at Felpham Community College, the local educational institution.

Max’s interest in aviation was ignited by his uncles, who served as engineers in the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the United Kingdom. He acquired invaluable work experience under their guidance, with a particularly memorable experience working on a RAF fighter aircraft used for surveillance. This opportunity offered him an insightful glimpse into military aviation.

At the age of eighteen, Max commenced his professional journey with Leki Aviation, the company where he remains employed to this day. This initial role introduced him to the field of sales, and after a year, he opted to pursue the sales sector more deeply. 

Currently, Max holds the position of Sales Manager for Leki Aviation in both Canada and the United States. Among his most notable accomplishments is relocating to Canada and successfully establishing an office. His role necessitates extensive travel, an aspect he thoroughly enjoys as it enables him to meet new people and create business opportunities. A key component of his responsibilities is fostering relationships that result in significant revenue generation. Notably, he takes great pride in his six-year tenure managing the United Airlines account, one of Leki Aviation’s largest and most prominent clients.

In his free time, Max enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, golfing, and visiting breweries. One of his favourite hikes in Vancouver is Dog Mountain. If you see him in the office, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and say hello.

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